Teachers of Islamic studies, Arabic and Al-Qur’an: Alumni of Ummul Quro Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Islamic University of Medina, Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, LIPIA Jakarta and Ma’had Tahfizh (Hafizh of Al-Quran 30 juz).

Non-Islamic Study Teachers: Alumni of the University of Oregon USA, UI, ITB, IPB, UNJ, and several other well-known universities.
Why did al-wildan choose qualified teachers like this and under the direct supervision of the Masyaikhs who came from middle eastern countries, because this Qur’an studies is one of the “CORE” religion lessons at al-Wildan so that children have memorized Al Quran for 30 juzs with sanad standards. And alhamdulillah, all of them are also al-Quran teachers who memorize 30 juz of al-Quran from within the country, some of them have even become national and international champions in the Al-Quranul Kariim competition. And the second is that we also invite Arabic teachers from the Middle Eastern countries, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt and some from Mali.
Besides, indeed we have our Indonesian teaching staff from the Islamic University of Medina, Ummul Quro Mecca, Al Azhar Islamic University in Cairo, Sudan Islamic University, and some have even studied in Jordan, teachers for Islamic studies, even our ustadz 100% have understood manhaj of salaf, then for the native English we invite teachers from The United States (USA), Dr. Makruf from Chichago and Mrs. Erica. Why do we invite the natives, it is because we want our language programs meet the international standard of curriculum and above it is supported by local teachers who are qualified in English, and have graduated from Australia and America, as well as the native teachers for Arabic from Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and Mali.

Al-Wildan has high-quality teachers who are, alhamdulillah, from UI (University of Indonesia) alumni, ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) ), IPB (Bogor Agricultural Institute) and from UGM (Gajah Mada University) who will bring the success of the National Examination for Al-Wildan children both in elementary, junior high and high school. Even in kindergarten, even though the principal is an Egyptian alumni and the head teacher is an Australian alumni, so alhamdulillah all the elements of leadership at Al-Wildan Islamic School consist of Masters in their respective fields and there are even 2 more people who, in shaa Allah, will become Doctoral degree in education.

Alhamdulillah, the management of Al-Wildan International Islamic School has opened a Rumah Tahfizh with a target of memorizing 30 juz. This program is taken for 6 years with students staying 2 nights 2 days on weekends. This program is specifically for Al-Wildan International Islamic School students as part of the Extracurricular program. The buildings of the tahfizh ikhwan and akhwat are separated.

The teachers of Rumah Tahfizh Al-Wildan International Islamic School are Hafizh of Al-Qur’an and competent in their fields.