Al-Wildan Islamic School 3 BSD applies the Three concepts of TIC (Tahfizh and International Curriculum) which is represented in three quality curricula with balanced quality, namely the national curriculum (Government Curriculum), International Curriculum (OECD country members) and the Religious Curriculum (Islamic Boarding School Curriculum) combined with Al-Qur'an lessons (Tahfidz and tahsin) that are easy to apply.



To become quality Islamic educational institutions based on mastering the memorization of Al Qur'an and the uluum ash shar'iyyah with the support of mastery of foreign languages.


  1. To provide quality formal education from Kindergarten to Higher education with excellent service, quality management standards and professional management.
  2. To produce the huffaazh al Qur'an and understand uluum shar'iyyah
  3. To provide education based on foreign languages, mathematics and science by utilizing modern technology based on the strengths of aqidah, akhlaq and manhaj of salaful salih.
  4. To provide visionary education and be able to compete in the global world.