Al-Wildan International School 3 BSD


Tafidzh Al-Quran And International Curriculum


The Main Spirit of Education is a quality curriculum, because Al-Wildan Islamic School applies the concept of the TIC (Tahfidz and International Curriculum) curriculum which is represented in three quality curricula with balanced quality, namely the national curriculum (Government Curriculum), International Curriculum (OECD country  members) and the Religious Curriculum (Islamic Boarding School Curriculum), combined with Al-Qur’an studies (Tahfidz and tahsin)  that are easy to apply.

  1. Foreign language learning methodology, namely by using the step and elicit method. This method is very easy to foster motivation and foreign language skills for students even though they enter al-wildan they cannot speak a foreign language, but the end they finally can speak foreign fluently with the Mastery Learning approach.
  2. Weekly report, Mid Semester, and semester exams. Therefore every week parents get a Progress Report (Weekly Report Card), Mid semester Report Card and Semester Report Card as well as academic progress together with their portfolio.
  3. Parents/Guardians have the right to visit the class when teaching and learning activities take place in the Parent Visit Class (PVC) program.
  4. At the end of each academic year there will be written and oral quality examinations using Arabic and English for each student which is carried out by inviting examiners from outside Al-Wildan and must be attended and witnessed directly by the parents / guardians of each student in the Examination activity Authority (EXOT)