Welcome to Al-Wildan Islamic School 3 BSD.

The Main Spirit of Education is a quality curriculum, therefore Al-Wildan Islamic School 3 BSD applies the concept of the TIC (Tahfidz and International Curriculum) curriculum which is represented in three quality curricula with balanced quality, namely the national curriculum (Government Curriculum), International Curriculum (OECD country members) and the Religious Curriculum (Islamic Boarding School Curriculum) combined with Al-Qur’an lessons (Tahfidz and tahsin) that are easy to apply.

Our advantages

  • Full Arabic dan Full English Langguage.
  • Tahfis Al-qur’an International Curriculum
  • Up to 30 juz bersanad Memorization target.
  • Experienced managers and superior human resources in education.
  • Facilities and class are representative.
  • Strategic location.


  • Understanding aqidah in authentic beliefs.
  • Read the Qur’an well and correctly.
  • Memorizing the Qur’an up to 30 Juz.
  • Speak Arabic-English fluently and fluently.
  • Understand the learning literature in Arabic and English.
  • Aware to worship.
  • Have a noble moral character to parents and others.
  • PASS UN above National standards.